Notice #62126

Use Email Address instead of Login Name


We've pushed an update to our portal that requires an email address instead of a login name. For example, your login name might have been ReallyGreatMSP. Let's say the email on file for your account is - use that and the same password to login.

If you're unsure of your password, have it sent to you:

Once you've logged in, Choose Partner -> Settings. On that page, you can add additional users (,, etc). Each user will receive a welcome email to configure their own password.

View all Release Notes of our "Corrin" Release:

Why are we doing this?
Security. Multiple logins allow you to add or remove users as needed. You can do the same thing at the Company level as well. It's part of a completely new security system that we're introducing.

If you have any trouble or feedback please contact Servosity Support: 800-429-0500
Thank you!

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